In-Office Tubal Ligations

Women's Healthcare Associates is pleased to offer the "ESSURE" procedure.  This method of permanent birth control can be performed in the office.  It consists of a transcervical placement of micro inserts in both fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.  Many patients prefer this method because it is considered the nonsurgical option for permanent birth control.  The ESSURE sterilization may be right for you if:

     • Are certain that your family is complete

     • Do not desire hormonal contraception

     • Want to avoid a hospital surgery for sterlization

     • Avoid "going under" (anesthesia) or "the knife" (incisions)

     • Desire decreased postoperative pain

     • Have increased chance for pelvic adhesions due to prior abdominal surgeries

     • Are a poor candidate for surgery

     • Desire to return to routine activities within hours of procedure

     • Want to have procedure completed during an office visit

     • Most effective method of sterilization in the United States (99.8%)

     • Desire to avoid insurance copay

Schedule your appointment today to discuss the ESSURE procedure with our physicians once you know your family is complete!!